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Rules & Restrictions

Please respect my restrictions and understand there is  a reason for them, they  cannot be negotiated nor added as extras for a fee. They are no Greek, cim, cof, bls or bbfs.


To ensure our time together is both enjoyable and memorable please read over the following rules & restrictions, this will help you decide if I am the right companion to suit your needs.

  •  Please  do not contact me via private/blocked or Text App number, I will not answer

  •  Please do not try negotiating my rates, know that my rates are what they are for a reason. I am a 100% independent companion and must cover all costs of advertising, drivers etc myself.

  • I do not see more than one gentleman at a time for my safety. M/F couples are fine however rates are higher.

  • No photos or videos to be taken during our visit please.

  • For outfit requests please give minimum 2 hours notice to ensure I am able to have everything ready for your arrival.

  • Under no circumstances will bbfs or Greek be an option, ever.

     Most importantly, enjoy yourself and our time together, its not always the destination which is important but enjoying the journey itself.



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