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The following are real reviews left by actual clients on I'd like to thank them for the kind words and would like to say that reviews aren't necessary but I appreciate the feedback.

I just saw Ivy Lane (PERB user IvyLane91). Setting the meeting up was simple, just a few texts. Her photos and website/ad content were accurate. One of the main reasons I look up reviews is to make sure that the provider is what the ad makes her out to be. In this case, the ad understated how amazing she is. I found her body more attractive in person than in the ads (and I reached out to her based on the photos in the ads, so that's great stuff).

The incall was in Gastown, and the place was clean. I felt safe the whole time. She came to the door looking very put together. She doesn't show her face in the ads, but I wasn't disappointed. Because preferences for facial appearance vary so widely, I don't give a 1 to 10 rating on faces. I loved her look, your preferences may vary.

The real surprise was that Ivy gives great ... conversation. I booked an hour and I would happily have spent the whole time talking with her if she wasn't so smoking hot. As the minutes ticked down, we took a conversation break to fool around. But if Junior ever stops working, I think I'd still see her just because of how interesting she is to talk with.

Because YMMV so much depending on how you connect with/your chemistry with providers, and because I don't feel right sharing explicit details, I don't go into the details as much as I used to. I'll say say that if she had an onlyfans, I'd sign up yesterday.

In terms of physical appearance, she rocks that body. She has exactly the right combination of beautiful curves, fantastic natural (and bigger than the ad says they are) breasts, and a true love of human touch. If you like tattoos, she's your person. Lots of ink, which I really enjoyed.

I wouldn't see a provider who does BBFS because of the risk, and she won't see clients who do BBFS because of the risk, so that worked out. She has a very clear set of limits on her website, and I think I got extra points for arriving entirely familiar with what she does not allow. Treating her as I would any other professional with rules that must be respected resulted (I think) in a far better, more enthusiastic and wildly hot experience. 

Her oral skills are easily in the top 10% (omg I've been doing this too long if I know what the top 10% feels like lol). She had a really good handle (giggity) on getting me close without getting me too close, which made oral awesome. Her hygiene was perfect to the point where I was floored by the perfect taste and smell during DATY. She must do Kegels all day as well, because the main event was, shall we say, very powerful. If tight strong pelvic floor muscles were an Olympic event, she'd hold the gold medal. 

I can count on a few fingers the number of times I saw a SP and during the session was thinking "I need to see her again, I need to see her again, etc." This was one of those rare times. I definitely need to see her again. 

Would you enjoy spending time with her? I don't know your preferences, but if they are at all similar to mine, you'll love it. If you're going to see her, my main piece of advice is that she seems to get really turned on by consent, respect, and touch. Get those right and she'll rock your world.



Well after much should I, should I not...
I finally went for it and have seen my first sp!

Words can not express how scaired I was about this encounter.

I went to the incall location and was greeted by a stunning young lady dressed to impress.
Seeing how hot she was made me crap myself even more.

I go in and she starts talking to me as she could see how awkward I was. I was as stiff as a board - and I am not talking about the old chap.

After a few minutes of calming me down, she started to slowley get closer to me, becoming more flirtatious. After 5 more minutes I was totally comfortable around her.
Her personality is IMO amazing - she is very much "my type" in every way.
Girl next door with a rockin body - super slim, toned and tattoos. The only thing that was missing, was some nerd glasses on her amazing face.

I had a request of zero body fluid transfer - she totally respected this. We moved on to the deed and a good time was had by all. Super tight - amazing firm boobs and IMO the total package.

I told her that I would give her a review as I could not really find anything on her. But then on my way bac I was thinking that I wanted to keep her all to myself. But... Sharing is caring.

I just ask that anyone who becomes her "friend" treat's her like the treasure she is.
No interest in trying other SP's - for me, everything about her is perfect!

EDIT: Forgot to add, this is not a full time thing for her. She has a legit gig - but a super high sex drive!

Re-reading this makes me want to book again... :-)



Saw Ivy Lane (now 8905) last week in her WE condo. 

Setting up was easy through text messages and she was prompt in responding. We managed to find a time that worked between our schedules. According to her, she also has a regular job and she is not always available to us pooners. 

Her condo is not the most splashy type condo. More like the typical older WE style so if you are looking for high-end concrete condo, this current place ain't one. But it is clean with wood flooring so I didn't feel uncomfortable entering. The bathroom was bright, clean and stocked with the basic essentials.

About Ivy, she is definitely petite as described. She is around the age advertised. Her pictures are accurate and definitely her. She has great natural boobs. She advertised size C, but I would even say they borderline D. Great to admire and hold. Her nipples are also sensitive. Overall, I found her body very sexy and she responds to touching and kissing very well. She has shoulder length auburn hair. They are silky smooth and great to touch. She is very open to all kinds of position. She has some very reasonable restrictions (no BBFS, Greek, CIM, COF, BLS) and I enjoyed the session thoroughly. Highlights include very sensitive and wet kitty, lots of kissing and mutual body worshipping, lots of positions and sex in multiple rooms. She was wet and seemed to be enjoying the session as much as I did so that helped me and junior carry through the entire session. It was a great workout to say the least. 

Once you get to know her, she is actually very sexual and she has this side that you will have to discover during the session. If you are just for a quickie, you might not have time to explore Ivy the way I discovered  It was my first time meeting Ivy and I know it won't be the last.




I saw Ivy a couple of weeks ago while on a visit to Vancouver. Ivy made a visit to my hotel and even accommodated two unique requests I made of her, 1. An outfit request from one of her picture, 2. To retrieve a room key/card I had strategically stashed for her, so as to be able to come up directly to my room without me having to retrieve her from the lobby. (I stay at the hotel often for business trips and like to be discrete). She said it made the start of our encounter a little more interesting, as she felt a bit like a secret agent

Ivy professed to enjoying her "hobby" due to needing to satisfy a high sex drive, (oh, the joys of youth!). She also professed to enjoying "older men" as they know what they are doing. Her enjoyment was evident, as she actually enjoyed herself six times in our hour, as evidenced by small gushes accompanied by body constrictions in each instance.

We played a game of edging for me throughout the hour with multiple positions interspersed with multiple bouts of BBBJ/oral (YMMV). Ivy takes direction exceptionally well and accommodated all of my instruction in a (self proclaimed) sub manner, and she does a great cowgirl! In all, a very mutually satisfying experience that I would heartily endorse for fellow pooners and will definately repeat for myself. 

Slowcum accurately covered all of the available options/restrictions in his review, Outcall premium was $1/2X for a total of $XXX/Hr. Having to throw a couple of wet towels in the tub, was priceless.....





I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with the delightful Ivy Lane. She describes herself as a petite feisty redhead and this is 100% accurate. 

Her ad is:

The pictures and descriptions in the add are accurate. Ivy has two incalls - one in east van and the other is in the west end. Both are clean and well appointed. Arrangements were easy by text. I got the sense that she was very businesslike with her communication but she is very warm in person. She greeted me with a hug and some very friendly kisses and certainly made a great first impression. 

I think Ivy has an absolutely banging body. It looks even better in person than in the photos. . Small but in great shape with beautiful curves and a flat tummy. She has lovely natural c-cup breasts - some of the nicest I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. She is very responsive to daty and seems to genuinely enjoy it. Ivy is a great kisser, provides a really nice bbbj (but I don’t think she is into bls). She was happy to try several positions and seemed to like all of them a lot. It was a true GFE and I felt like I had known her a long time. 

For me Ivy checks a lot of boxes. I have always had a thing for shorter ladies and she is 5’1”. Her face is very cute and I think she looks a lot like the actress Anna Kendrick. Ivy has gorgeous red hair. She has a great quirky sense of humour and i really enjoyed chatting with her. She is a self professed nerd but is totally comfortable in her own skin. I find the whole package incredibly attractive. 

All in all a fantastic time. I have already repeated once and look forward to seeing her again. Recommend and I hope you all treat her well.


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